Facial Slimming

Facial Slimming Melbourne

Facial slimming, or jawline slimming, is the process of reshaping the face and jaw to create a more visually appealing profile. Many of our patients choose facial slimming because they are looking to achieve a softer, more curved and feminised facial appearance. However, it can also play a role in slimming the male jawline and contributing to a more angular look.

We all have unique facial structures and individual cosmetic treatment goals. At Cosmetic Experience, our highly skilled team will work closely with you to achieve bespoke facial slimming results.

To discuss jawline and facial slimming in Melbourne, make a free, no-obligation initial appointment with our team. We would love to guide you on your treatment journey.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Facial Slimming in Melbourne – How It Works

Facial slimming treatment involves administering anti-wrinkle injections in the masseter muscle, which is located at the angle of the jaw. Relaxing this muscle and reducing its size is what leads to impressive slimming results for the face and jaw.

Up to 50 units of anti-wrinkle injection are typically used for facial slimming, and while this may sound like a lot, it usually amounts to a maximum of just five small injections.

On your treatment day, your experienced injector will mark out the exact injection points and administer the anti-wrinkle injections in a matter of minutes. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of facial structure and anatomy, and they will ensure the injections are administered safely and effectively.


See Facial Slimming Results in Weeks and Enjoy Your New Look for Months

When it comes to facial slimming in Melbourne, we generally recommend waiting about four weeks to see noticeable results, although this can extend to eight weeks in some cases.

Your facial slimming results will last for approximately six months, and sometimes longer! Unlike other areas that are treated with anti-wrinkle injections, the masseter muscle can safely handle extra units, meaning you can enjoy longer-lasting results.


Facial Slimming in Melbourne: Side Effects and Next Steps

Minor bruising at the injection site is possible but not likely after treatment. You won’t have any trouble eating after facial slimming treatment, but you might temporarily find it harder to break down tough foods that rely more on the masseter muscle. In very rare circumstances, your smile can also be temporarily affected, although this will wear off quickly if it does occur.

To discuss facial slimming in Melbourne and to experience a positive, tailored treatment journey, contact the team at Cosmetic Experience today.