Lip Filler

Lip Fillers Melbourne

Dermal fillers make use of a restorative and enhancing substance that naturally occurs in the body. When injected by the professionals at Cosmetic Experience, dermal fillers provide fullness and proportion for the target area.

Lip fillers are one of the most popular types of dermal filler offered by our team. If you’re looking for fuller lips with natural proportions, come to Cosmetic Experience for lip fillers in Melbourne.


Lip Fillers in Melbourne: How Do They Work?

When you choose Cosmetic Experience for lip fillers in Melbourne, our experienced injectors will add one ml or more of dermal filler to your lips. This produces a restorative and enhancing effect that lifts the lips, providing natural proportion and added fullness.

The Cosmetic Experience team will work closely with you to understand your goals and help you achieve the desired results. You can begin your lip filler experience by arranging a free, no-obligation consultation with the Cosmetic Experience team.


What to Expect from Lip Fillers in Melbourne

At Cosmetic Experience, we offer enhanced, natural-looking, well-proportioned lips for our clients!

The procedure itself is fairly quick, and before we begin, we can apply numbing cream or numbing injections to the lips. Our lips can be incredibly sensitive, so we highly recommend numbing before lip fillers.

In the days after your lip fillers, you may experience mild swelling or bruising, although this will naturally reduce with time. Blood thinning medications may increase the chance of bruising.

Bumps and lumps are another concern following lip fillers, but the premium dermal filler product we use minimises the chances of bumpy lips. We may also recommend massaging your lips to reduce the likelihood of bumps and lumps.

There are very few contraindications for lip fillers in Melbourne. If you currently have a cold sore, we recommend waiting until this has cleared up before treatment.


Talk to Our Experienced Injectors about Lip Fillers in Melbourne

Our highly trained and experienced team utilise the latest techniques and the finest dermal filler products to achieve superior lip filler results. To discuss lip fillers in Melbourne or to enquire about tear trough fillers, jawline fillers, temple fillers, or other cosmetic treatments, arrange a no-obligation consultation today.