Temple Hollows

Temple Filler Melbourne

Achieve a youthful, well-proportioned look for your face with temple filler in Melbourne from Cosmetic Experience. Often used in conjunction with brow dermal filler, our temple filler treatments can revitalise and restore the face, particularly the upper face.

If you have lost volume in your temples and you want to rejuvenate your appearance, ask Cosmetic Experience about temple filler in Melbourne. Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our team today!


Why Patients Choose Temple Fillers in Melbourne with Cosmetic Experience

As we age, our faces undergo a range of changes, including sagging skin, reduced collagen formation, and bone loss. This is part of the natural ageing process, but it can result in hollow looking temples, dropping of the eyebrows, and heavy, droopy-looking eyelids.

If your temples look like they have been pushed in or you’re concerned about other facial changes, temple filler may be able to assist you. In a free consultation with Cosmetic Experience, our team can examine your unique facial structure and recommend the most beneficial cosmetic treatments.

With extensive knowledge in facial anatomy and cosmetic injecting, we can restore the natural, youthful beauty of your face without damaging the nerves and blood vessels in your temples.

At Cosmetic Experience, we are the experts when it comes to injecting temple filler in Melbourne and achieving impressive and bespoke results.


Experience Temple Filler Treatment at Our Melbourne Clinic

When you choose Cosmetic Experience for temple filler treatment, we will generally inject between 1ml and 2ml into your temples. This will create fuller temples and help to restore the “inverted-v” face shape that is associated with youthful, attractive appearances.

The temples are some of the less painful dermal filler treatment areas, and numbing is usually not required. Temple fillers generally last at least one year, although results can last upwards of 2 years.

Risks and side effects are generally minor and short-lived, including temporary temple aches, bruising, and distended temple veins for a short time.


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