Tired Eyes (Tear Trough Filler)

Tear Trough Fillers Melbourne

The tear trough is a completely natural area that is found under the eye. However, the tear trough often becomes more noticeable as we age, leading to a more prominent hollowing and the appearance of bags under the eyes.

At Cosmetic Experience, we offer tear trough fillers in Melbourne to reverse these effects and provide a fresher look. Our team uses premium under eye fillers and the best techniques to achieve the results you are looking for!


Why Do Tear Troughs Develop and How Can Under Eye Fillers Help?

Tear troughs primarily develop due to the ageing process. Some people have a more noticeable tear trough at a younger age, while for others, it will barely be visible at all.

Natural changes in the size, shape, and position of our eye sockets, cheekbones, and the fat pad under our eyes all contribute to tear troughs becoming more visible.

Depending on the cause of your tear troughs, our team will either use under eye fillers or cheek fillers to address the problem. Our expert team can quickly determine the cause of your prominent tear troughs and offer you cheek fillers or under eye fillers in Melbourne – or a combination of both!


Cheek Fillers and Under Eye Fillers in Melbourne: What to Expect

Cosmetic Experience can help you achieve excellent, personalised tear trough results!

To address a change in cheek volume, we will inject the dermal filler into the cheek. If a naturally deep tear trough is the problem, we can offer you under eye fillers in Melbourne.

Following your treatment, you may experience tenderness that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Bruising and swelling are other common side effects, especially when you need under eye fillers. Swelling and bruising may last for a few weeks.

Tear trough treatment is relatively long-lasting and can last for 9 months or more! Tear trough treatment may even reduce the presence of dark circles under the eyes, although this depends on the cause of the dark circles.


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